Professional Olympic Hugger

We’ve been avid followers of the Olympics at camp yello.  The staggering talent competing at the games this year has been overwhelming with world records and all time personal bests being achieved by some of the finest athletes that the world has ever seen.  Team GB have done a sterling job achieving gold in multiple categories almost wiping the board in the cycling, achieving fantastic results in rowing, winning the first Olympic gold in women’s boxing, a fantastic win in taekwondo and the fantastic triumphs of Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis.  And I must say the highlight has been Usain Bolt’s win in the 100m and 200m sprint along with Jamaica’s fantastic epic gold, silver and bronze win in the latter.

Those athletes who fall short of such glory have to wait another four years before they can dream of an uncertain victory.  As they leave the track they are left with disappointment, frustration and what if’s.  They are met by the harsh eye of the camera and probing questions of the interviewer.

To ease the blow of an Olympic short fall we thought it might be a good idea to have Professional Olympic Huggers for Rio 2016.  These will be stationed at points of exit from the track and if athletes feel like they need a good old hug and a cry the option is there for them to unleash the emotion.  Each hugger will have to undergo rigorous training to achieve the ultimate hug and must have ‘good arms’ to qualify.  Hopefully this will ease the initial blow of disappointment for athletes.  Above is an artist’s (Natalie Clements) impression of what the Professional Olympic Hugger* could look like.  It has been designed with comfort and emotional wellbeing in mind.

*This model can also work for overwhelmingly disappointed coaches, fans and exhausted volunteers.  Can also be available for successful athletes and epic winners.

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