Why playARK Talks?


The playARK talks day was something we set up two years ago to bring a number of themes to a variety of audiences. The major themes centring around the playARK are story, game and play. At first the question you generally get is: What has that got to do with me? Well the answer is a lot and this is why.

If you own your own business, or are a marketing type, designer or theatre maker, story is hugely important to you. It is the reason people buy products, cry at a fantastical theatre production or care about your company. We have collected a number of fantastic speakers who will be exploring story in a variety of ways. Alison Norrington will be discussing story across multiple platforms, looking at how you can create deeper relationships with your audience. Nick Tandavanitj from Blast Theory will be sharing projects and lessons learnt from the internationally acclaimed company, where he will be discussing how technology and art can come together in questioning social and political issues in society. We also have Odette Toilette who will be sharing how even with the faintest fragrance you can transport people down the rabbit hole creating unique and richly layered experiences.

So what if you are into education and games? What is in it for you? Well I think this year’s event is unbelievably strong in this regard. Beyond the speakers we have announced already, we are tremendously lucky to have TED Global Speaker¬†Tom Chatfield, who will be discussing how games can be a strong indicator of intellectual enquiry and how we could be looking at games and their mechanism’s to see if they can be used to aid in business and education. In addition we have Nick Fortugno who will be joining us via video conference call. Nick is founder of Playmatics and New York games festival Come Out & Play will be talking about a number of projects centred around education and learning through games.

If none of that has got you and how could it not? We also have Tom Armitage who will be speaking about hacking, making and building cool things. Having just completed HELLO LAMP POST with PAN Studio for Bristol’s first Playable city award, Tom has been working on a huge number of projects with the likes of Hide & Seek.

And if that wasn’t enough we have two more speakers yet to announce…….so what are you waiting for…….go explore –¬†www.playark.co.uk


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