playARK 2013

playARK is an annual two day festival that takes place in Cardiff. It explores playful approaches to learning, living and working now and in the future. The talks feature interesting playful projects (both physical and digital) taking place in the UK and beyond. We are interested in hearing about practices that subvert the norm in some way and push the boundaries of the predefined. The theme of the conference last year was RECLAIMED, looking in particular at story, traditional learning, urban environments, craft/hacking and looking how games and playful experiences exist within these areas.


The games day showcases some of the best talent in street and pervasive games, immersive theatre and interactive projects nationally and internationally.

playARK 2013 was the biggest and best it has ever been and each week we will be publishing videos from our speakers from the playARK Talks.


Tom Armitage – Driftwood

Tom Armitage – playARK 2013 from yellobrick on Vimeo.


Alison Norrington – Reclaiming Stories


Odette Toilette, aka Lizzie Ostrom – Story and Scent

Odette Toilette from yellobrick on Vimeo.

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