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At the end of May yello brick were selected to take part in a BBC Connected Studio to spend two days to create an idea for a digital pilot to accompany the next series of Hinterland on the BBC Taster Website. The event was held in Cardiff Bay and it was a great two days! Our team of five was made up of the core yello brick team and Creative Technologists from Hoffi and as one of 6 companies chosen from across the UK we got to meet the best and brightest in the field as well as the creative team behind Hinterland (Fiction Factory) and storyboard genius Mike Collins (he used to draw comics like Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman and X-Men!)


The DramaLab challenge was an interesting one, looking how the BBC could offer a  ‘’personalised experience to viewers watching short-form drama online. One that enhances a story for the individual, increasing their immersion, enjoyment and emotional investment, and encouraging them to share it’’. Each team were given a storyboarded script as a starting point towards making a rough prototype experience. There was opportunity to present your idea to a focus group and many groups changed the direction and focus of the experience from feedback from these sessions. At the end of the two days each team pitched their idea to a panel of judges. It was a great opportunity to watch how other companies construct pitches and hear the variety of ideas that are formed from the same brief. Some leading their approach with technology others by story and experience.

Our process began very much with the story and focused on how the experience would make you feel and what the lasting memory for audiences (new and old) would be. We went through many iterations over the two days before settling on a final idea. Two days fly by very quickly and this rapid idea generation allowed us to be streamlined with our ideas and focus on what would be realistic in terms of the story and the application of relevant technology within the experience.

We are always thinking of new ways to tell stories and having two days to let our minds work and have exciting ideas was a real pleasure (as was the breakfast and lunch buffets).

We are still waiting on the results of our pitch and idea so watch this space.

In the mean time, what kind of TV are you watching if any? And are you craving a more involved experience? or are you quite happy to sit and let the dulcet tones of Tom Mathias wash over you?


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