BAFTA Cymru Games Commendation

In 2014, yello brick were awarded a BAFTA Cymru Games Commendation for Technical Achievement for multiplatform experience Reverie. Reverie was a pervasive street game which is a new type of event that mixes game, theatre and technology to create a unique experience for participants. Through multiplatform storytelling devices, audiences could experience the narrative through digital and physical channels. You can find out more about Reverie in our Case Studies.

Here’s Creative Director Julian Sykes (complete with backpack and beer) receiving the commendation during the awards ceremony.


 Photo BAFTA Cymru/Jon Pountney

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  1. […] would respond. Of course, the success of this innovative venture came soon enough – in 2014, yello brick won a BAFTA Cymru Games Commendation for the compelling project […]

  2. […] Established in June 2012, the secret to their success is through the elucidation of campaigns through narrative. There are countless examples, but one worth focusing on is their work on the multi-platform game Reverie. It focuses on the blending of different layers of narrative mediums, such as game, theatre and technology. In fact, Reverie was so successful that it netted yello brick a commendation during the BAFTA Cymru Game Awards for Technical Achievement. […]

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