Traces Olion

Get lost in the traces of a story at St Fagans

Traces is not an audio guide. Nor is it a tourist guide. It is a companion telling you a story that reveals fragmented moments of intertwining fact and fiction inspired by St Fagans; the space, it’s stories and archives. It is for the curious. for the seekers of mystery. And for those who are willing to get lost in the traces of a story. 

Traces Olion

Traces is free site specific storytelling app that takes you on a physical journey around the St Fagans castle gardens, moving from fact to fiction, past and present. The app is an artistic interpretation of place, history and memory allowing St Fagans to be experienced in a new way. It is rich in poetic narrative and composition and is about getting lost in the beauty of a landscape. Traces can be a single experience or shared with a partner and is available in English and Welsh.

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What you need to know:

1 – Download the Traces app from either the ITunes Store or Google Play. The app is optimised for iPhone running iOS6 or greater or Android running 3.0 or greater.

2 – Download the app before you arrive at St Fagans. You will not need a data connection during the experience.

3 – You will need a set of headphones.

4 – The experience will last between 30 and 40 minutes and is split into chapters.

5 – Choose between a single person narrative which follows an accessible route or an intertwined dual narrative for two people. During the dual narrative you will experience moments together as well as parting to uncover secrets for yourself. However, do not fear as your partner may just be around the next corner.

6 – Start your journey at St Fagans before the tunnel which leads to the castle gardens.

Traces Olion

Things to remember:

– During your journey you will be guided by one voice. Trust this voice. Listen to their instructions. They will always be there to tell you where you need to go. If you have chosen to do the partner journey you will be with your partner for most of the narrative and sometimes you will be apart, but you will always be brought back together. Stay on your own path until you meet again.

– If you get a little lost, don’t worry, you can always restart the chapter.  Each chapter begins with a drawing of the location you should be in. Those doing the partner journey may want to choose a meeting point for afterwards in case you get lost.

– Both the partner and solo journeys take place outdoors so remember to dress appropriate to the weather.

– We’ve tried to make Traces as accessible as possible. However we would recommend an age guide of 12+ and for families to do the solo journey so that you can stay together during the experience. The solo journey also follows an accessible route.

What people are saying:

“It was lovely to see the space through someone else’s eyes”

“It’s somewhere between a story, meditation and a game”.

“I loved doing the partner experience, it was nice to share a secret experience with someone’’.

“There were moments when I recognised myself in the stories and felt connected to St Fagans in a new way. Loved it!”

Traces has been created for St Fagans in collaboration with the National Museum of Wales and Cardiff University academic Jenny Kidd. The creative dream team consisted of Producer Alison John, writer Sara Lewis, composer Jak Poore, actor Natalie Paisey and technical developers Hoffi.


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