Client Work


Digital Interpretation and how story can connect with new audiences.

A prototype interactive online experience that draws inspiration from the Patagonian archives from the National Library of Wales. Developed in collaboration with the National Library of Wales, artist Jorge Lizalde and creative technology partner Hoffi.

Archives and artefacts by their nature are obsolete unless their story can be communicated. Stories have human interest and connect artefacts to the person viewing them. We wanted to challenge the ways in which digital could reconnect current and new audiences to archival material by making them directly relevant to them. Simply digitising them does not make them more interesting or accessible. But telling their story does.

During the R&D we worked with The National Library of Wales to discover ways in which they could make story led connections with new audiences through digital platforms and help them to develop their digital strategy. During the project we created a prototype in which audiences become central to the story of the Patagonian endeavour. We created an experience where the audience are cast as the leader of the colony and given control of its future that aimed to mirror real world scenarios that the early settlers of Patagonia would have faced.

This project was a new direction for The National Library of Wales and previous engagements have been heavily factual.  We wanted to explore how this experience could trigger an empathic response in a user, and whether the emotional impact of a personal interaction with the story behind the archive would breathe new life into it, making it live and current.

Find out more about our full R&D process by reading the research report available on the Native Website.

Or have a play around on the 1865 prototype experience.

This project was a Arts, Archives and Technology Project for the NESTA Arts and Digital Fund in Wales.