Client Work

Abergavenny Calling

Public Engagement through digital installation.

Abergavenny Calling was a project that showcased stories from a community project through a digital installation and remote digital experience.

Abergavenny Calling was a project that was created for the Arts and Humanities Research Council Connected Communities showcase. The project was commissioned by Cardiff University’s Valerie Walkerdine and David Studdert who wanted a way to share content from their AHRC funded research project called Performing Abergavenny.

We designed a project that comprised two parts; a static installation and a digital experience. The static installation was in the form of a interactive map. By moving physical pieces on different points on the map, users could access audio visual content taken from various locations from the Performing Abergavenny project.

In addition to this site specific activity, Abergavenny Calling was remotely accessible. For the period of one day, participants could sign up the Abergavenny phone line where they could receive up to four phone calls between the hours of 10am and 5pm. These phone calls featured audio from key project moments from Performing Abergavenny. These playful interventions created communal interactions and were a way in which the university could share the legacy moments from their project.