Client Work

Beyond the Body

Building narrative worlds and extending the experience of the stage through digital.

This is a tale that has traversed generations and worlds to seek and unfold moments from long ago. A tale of discovery and true understanding of our purpose and connection to the earth.

Taikabox dance company approached us to work with them on their revival of their Beyond the Body project. They were keen to introduce more story into their work within the physical piece and develop a strategy to make their work more accessible to wider audiences.

We ran workshops with the directors and dancers to discover and create a cohesive story, building on the structure and characters that already existed. From this we created a multiplatform narrative thread that began online and continued through to the physical performance using strong visual motifs, symbology and character journeys.  In collaboration with the company we devised an experiential event that took place in public places to advertise the production and it’s UK tour. We also worked with the company on future strategies and get them thinking about how they could creatively use different channels and platforms future marketing campaigns.