Client Work

Celtic Tales

A site specific storytelling app for the National Cycle Network in Wales.

After the success of Taff Tales, Sustrans Cymru commissioned us to create Celtic Tales, an application targeted at families that delivers unique stories along six cycle routes in Wales.

Through a period of exploration and focus groups we worked with Sustrans to understand how they wanted to tell the stories of the cycle routes. These story experiences will become instrumental in creating a bond between audiences and the brand of the National Cycle Network and Sustrans. Our belief that placing the audience at the centre of the story is the best way to create a lasting impression is implemented through the role of the user as both narrator and hero.

Celtic Tales

There is a choice between two types of replay-able narratives; a History or a Mystery. Join Private Investigator Maxine Hardy’s team to unlock clues and solve mysteries from spooky ghostly sightings to impossible thefts. Or travel trough time on a historical adventure with your very own guide who will help you on your way and set you tasks, games and challenges.

Celtic Tales

Commissioned by Sustrans and funded by Visit Wales.

Developed by yello brick and built by Hoffi.