Client Work

Clear Channel

Working with Clear Channel to make cities more playful

yello brick were successful in winning the Innovate UK Urban Spaces Contest which encourages innovation around smart urban spaces. Partnered with Clear Channel, we are exploring ways to make our cities more connected in playful ways.

The overall arch of the project is to reconnect the disconnects between people, space and place. We are looking at innovative technology solutions to produce useful and engaging experiences for members of the public, enhancing a sense of place in cities, enabling positive interactions between councils and their residents and connect citizens with their local environment and each other. We want to create a social solution to how we think about our urban spaces and how we connect people to each other and to their city.

Clear Channel are constantly pushing the boundaries of consumer advertising experiences and unfortunately we can’t say too much more on the project but are proud of the opportunity of working with such a prominent company.

Clear Channel