Client Work

Dot to Dot

Connecting new audiences with North Wales’ fourth annual Llawn festival.

Dot to Dot was a miniature mystery that was told through physical installations across multiple locations and through digital storytelling.

In it’s fourth year, Llawn Festival had been taken over by new curators who were keen to expand their audience to include more of the young people who lived in the Festival’s town of Llandudno. They wanted a pop up event that would be appealing to this elusive audience and at the same time draw attention to the event programme. We spent time researching the town, it’s people, it’s stories and it’s history trying to discover what makes Llandudno, ‘Llandudno’. We liked the idea of discovering these stories in the town in a physical way, be it something you were led to or something you discovered by accident which fitted with the festival’s playful theme of Hide and Seek.

We storyboarded a narrative inspired by Llandudno that linked individual scenes with an overarching story. Then working with model maker Gareth Pahl we created a miniature world through dioramas that depicted these scenes. Each diorama had an individual soundtrack that revealed more of the story that could be accessed online broadcast by our ‘Beady Eye’ newsfeed.

Llawn audiences could discover the locations through a map that was available at key locations during the festival or ‘accidental’ audiences could pick up the trail through the location markers that led to an online map. In our design of the experience we chose locations that were part of the festival activity so that Dot to Dot would be a vehicle to other programmed material.

Dot to Dot proved to be a resounding success with teenagers and remained in place for the Llawn Festival weekend and the following two week Mostyn Art Festival. We are in talks with the festival organisers to create a new piece for next year on a community engagement project, so watch this space!