Client Work,Self Initiated


An artistic experiment in digital narrative marketing.

everwake was designed to be a new type of entertainment and narrative. Mixing street gaming with online storytelling and play to create and augment a magical and frightening world of ghosts and spirits. everwake was designed to blur the boundary between reality and fiction by introducing multi-platform elements to the storyworld that surrounded the physical event.

The way in which people consume products and services is changing rapidly. The days of broadcasting to consumers is over and a new era of entertaining, engaging and empowering consumers is upon us. Patterns of attentions are shifting as expectations of the modern ‘audience’ move towards a non traditional and often non-linear relationship with brands. During the planning of this project we were interested in engaging new audiences & targeting people who wouldn’t usually attend pervasive gaming events or theatre.

We created a digital campaign that included a twitter account and blog written by the main character in the production along with audio stories, all of which were seeded on social media platforms. These acted as our ‘trailer’ for the production and gave people key narrative information that would enrich their experience of the event if they attended. People who engaged with the online content didn’t necessarily have to play the physical game or vice versa.

everwake breakdown

Through multiple entry points the audience could create their own narrative of the experience and choose how and when they engaged with it. We delivered our campaign over a two month period before the event which allowed us to drip feed content to build an audience and buzz in the lead up. Tickets sold out in two weeks of them going on sale a month into the campaign.

The key to this success of this campaign was the narrative and was part of the marketing strategy from the beginning rather than an add on to the project. If you are interested in this approach we can help you tell the story of your brand or project through artistic interpretation and multiplatform storytelling.

Everwake was shortlisted for ‘Best of Welsh Design Awards 2012’ by Cardiff Design Festival.