Self Initiated


Eyespy with my little eye. Creating experiential content and interactive events.

Eyespy was an immersive multiple location street game experience that took place in Cardiff. The game comprised performers, telephony technology and 12 indoor and outdoor locations that the participants had to navigate their way to within the space of two and a half hours.

The story world of EYESPY was based on the existing narrative legacy of espionage and spies. Although this is a well known genre within popular culture we wanted to create an interactive campaign that would introduce people to the world of the game and inadvertently teach them the rules. We created a fast track recruitment process for ‘potential’ spies through a series of training days that allowed people to interact with the world before committing to a ticketed event, these included a twitter detection game and also a social game called killer, a version of Assassin’s a popular college campus game. This pre-event interactive participation created a buzz around the main event through experiential marketing.

Eyespy was part of our artistic portfolio, which gives us opportunity to try out new ideas that can feed into our client work. We offer these creative services to clients which includes creative consultation, experiential marketing and interactive event creation and production.