Client Work

I Am Tudor

Developing new audiences through digital experiences.

I Am Tudor was a  digital experience aimed to give new audiences a flavour of Welsh National Opera’s Tudor Season and invited them to explore the themes within it in new and unexpected ways.

Welsh National Opera were interested in making their work accessible to a younger demographic looking in particular at The Urban Arts Eclectic. They wanted us to create a project that would compliment their Tudor Season of Opera’s and would be something that offered emotional authenticity, stimulation, accessibility, invoked curiosity and relevance.

We began the project by creating customer profiles and mapped relevant platforms and touch points for the demographic. From here we designed an online experience that drew on the themes and aesthetics of the Season of Opera’s that would be relevant and attractive to this audience. We wanted to create an extension of the world of the Opera’s rather than replicating it.


The experience was framed by the idea of the Tudors reclaiming their rule over modern Britain and determining new and loyal citizens through an online citizenship test. The test was fully interactive with tailored responses to participants input which led to two alternate endings depending on how they answered the questions. Working with technology partner Hoffi, we were able to create ‘real life interventions’ such as a telephone call from the main character and participants could actively report friends to the Tudor Court. Participants had the opportunity to share their result on social media platforms and could purchase tickets at a discount price.

Alongside the online content we designed and produced a campaign that included visual branding, poster and leaflet advertisement and a one day experiential event in Cardiff City Centre. The content was designed to give new audiences an unique immersive experience that mixed the physical and the digital that captured their interest and engaged them in an imaginative way.

Our organisations have worked together successfully in the past and have collaborated on two innovative digital media projects called I AM TUDOR and Silent State. I find the team at yello brick adept at working collaboratively and operate in a very open and agile way. Through I AM TUDOR and Silent State, yello brick inspired WNO to look at new ways of telling stories through digital media which at times was playful and meaningful to audiences that would not necessarily be switched on to opera.
Digital Manager, David Massey