Client Work

Life in beta

Creating emotional connections between audiences and brands.

Life in Beta was an audio narrative that created  meaningful and emotional connections to space, place and history.

Life in Beta was a project created for Chapter Arts Centre during the playARK Games Festival to engage people with the Arts Centre space. In recent years Chapter Arts Centre has undergone many changes. Since its major redevelopment in 2009, the building has seen an influx of new audiences and gained a new purpose for its main public space as a hub for the community. Chapter were keen to introduce an openness and sense of belonging to their growing audiences and wanted to find a way to express this.

In response, yello brick created an interactive audio narrative that invited participants to see the building through different eyes. See the things that are unseen. Participants were guided through the space through a narrative that was determined through multiple choice and allowed them to explore areas that might have previously been seen as ‘off limits’. Participation was voluntary, could happen at any time and was not limited by audience numbers.

We are currently exploring the development of this type of experience as we see interesting potential in ways that brands and organisations can find emotional and physical connections to new and existing audiences.