Client Work

Paper Drifter

A playful audience journey maker for REACT’s ‘The Rooms’ event in Bristol

Random exploration of installation spaces curated on how you feel

The Rooms, was a three day celebration of the many and varied 53 projects that were part of the React scheme. We were asked to create a simple and fun way for people to be guided through the multitude of project installations that were housed at the Firestation, Magistrates Courts and Police Station in Bristol City Centre.

Be guided through the maze of spaces hidden within the depths of The Rooms with Paper Drifter. Each twist and turn of the paper will create a pathway made by chance for your own unique journey. Paper Drifter is a memory of childhood for the daring, playful and thoughtful among us. Who knows where you will end up next?

Paper Drifter was simply a fortune teller (probably the first origami you ever did) that randomly curated which rooms to visit based on whether you were feeling daring, playful or thoughtful. The installations in these rooms would have projects that were based on that mood and theme.

The Rooms also featured one of our prototype projects called With New Eyes I See that was a collaboration between Cardiff University academic Jenny Kidd and The National Museum of Wales. You can find out more about that project here.

If you are interested in playful ways to engage your audience get in touch with us. We promise biscuits!