Self Initiated


Over the last three years yello brick and thinkARK have jointly created Cardiff’s first pervasive street game festival.

Centred around the urban environment, play and game, the festival is an opportunity for people to come together and look at their surroundings differently.

The Games

We are interested in how we can look at our cities in a different way; how we can reclaim public spaces and create new connections between people and place? Can we approach the way in which we design services and facilities through playful means? The festival brings together a unique mix of games from digital games, retro games and board games to street games that are played in everyday spaces. The festival curates a range of games from some of the best innovators and creators from across the UK as a showcase to some of these questions.

The Talks

Every other year the festival expands into a weekend of talks and games. The talks and seminars feature leading speakers in the world of play, creativity and game from across the UK discussing the impact and possibilities of developing systems and ways of thinking in business, education and society as a whole. Previous speakers have included Alice TaylorMatt Locke, Tom Chatfield, Odette Toilette, Alison Norrington, and Dr Gareth Loudon.

You can find out more about the playARK 2013 talks on our blog.

playARK was kindly supported by the following organisations: