Self Initiated


Extending a live event through pre and post digital content.

Reverie was a pervasive street game which is a new type of event that mixes game, theatre and technology to create a unique experience for participants. Through multiplatform storytelling devices, audiences could experience the narrative through digital and physical channels.

Our approach is centred around the audience. People want to create connections with what they see, buy and use. Unlike traditional theatre where audiences are passive, Reverie encouraged it’s audience to be active throughout the production. Therefore we wanted to encourage this type of interaction in our design of the campaign that precluded Reverie by creating content and a structure that would enable participation through direct experiences and social sharing through multiple touch points.

The two month marketing campaign that surrounded the project was an interactive digital experience that gave potential audiences a tangible flavour of what was to come. People could actively engage with the online content and real life ‘interventions’.

– Visual Marketing & Narrative Website
The website had a login page could be hacked into via a code that was embedded into all visual marketing. Once logged in you could uncover confidential information about the main character and lead you to an invitation to the event.

– Twitter Account
Narrative tweets added to the texture of the story in the build up to the live event.

– Graphic novel
Outlined backstory and other important character information.

– Narrative e-shots
Sent to key mailing lists that pointed you to the website and gave clues to the code.

– Emails and text messages
Emails and text messages from the main character were sent to ticket holders in the run up to the live event.


The result was ticket sales tripled in comparison to similar events that we had been produced in the past. This investment in story was intended to capture the imagination of potential audiences and bring added value to the event as well as the yello brick brand. It also allowed a number of entry points for a wide variety of audiences inspiring participation & engagement with broader communities.

Immersion in this pre content led to a richer experience during the live event which took place across 12 locations in Cardiff Bay and featured advanced mobile and RFID technologies. Timed phonecalls and text messages were intertwined within the RFID system to allow for location based instructions and narrative to be fed to players during the experience.

Reverie is very much about developing new audiences, particularly in Wales, through new and innovative ways of publishing content and telling stories.

Project Website

The Results

– 273 street game players

– Over 4000 people engaged online

– New engaging delivery methods will create a new wave of experiences and a diverse audience.

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