Client Work

Silent State

Redefining brand engagement through immersive experiences.

Music has been banned in the town of Wrexham and silence ensues. The town is now a very different place, regimented and controlled, whilst the black market thrives with secret traders dealing in bootleg musical experiences.   But there is hope….rumours are spreading behind closed doors of a resistance. A resistance against the silence. The time has come to make a stand. Are you ready?

We were approached by Welsh National Opera to create an unique event that would form part of their outreach programme in Wrexham and be part of European Opera Day. WNO wanted to connect with the community in an unique way and engage younger audiences with their brand.

WNO were keen to take risks and create something disruptive and immersive that would create new conversations with their existing audiences and be attractive to potential new audiences. Working with writer Ben Gwalchmai and composer Tom Raybould, we created an immersive pervasive game experience (or roaming theatre game) called Silent State that played out on the streets of Wrexham and took participants on an unique journey through the town centre. During the experience, players were introduced into a dystopia where all forms of music was banned. During the game they had to join the resistance and rise up against the state through musical interventions. Think dead drops, interactions with actors and unique operatic mash ups.

Yello Brick are constantly exploring different ways to actively engage people. The Yello Brick projects I have experienced have explored a wide range of different contexts for this work, ranging from cycle routes to archive material in the National Library to Donizetti operas. I commissioned Yello Brick to make an opera game in Wrexham. The team were efficient, endlessly creative and always keen to think outside the box. The resulting game was a new experience for Wrexham residents and street gamers alike.
Director of Youth and Community Programming, Rhian Hutchings