Client Work

The Dream Maker

Engaging with audiences through online interactive feedback

Created for Film Hub Wales for the ‘Roald Dahl On Film’ Season

We were approached by Film Hub Wales to create an online evaluation tool that would allow people to engage in feedback in a playful way. They specifically wanted to reach audience groups who may not otherwise engage with audience surveys (young people, families, hard to reach groups) for their national family friendly Roald Dahl on Film programme delivered in unique locations across the UK. Film Hub Wales wanted to provide simple, engaging and dynamic ways for their partners across the UK to fully understand who their audiences were, how they were engaging with the Roald Dahl on Film season and what they thought about their experiences.

We worked with Film Hub Wales who were in partnership with the Roald Dahl Estate, to create an interactive online feedback experience called the Dream Maker based on Dahl’s The BFG. During the experience participants would enter the BFG’s workshop and create their own dream potion that was made up of their thoughts, feelings and experiences. Each dream had a unique melody that was composed by the participants as their caught other ingredients for their potion. Once mixed the dream potion was given a personalised label and could be shared via social media where people could listen to the dream composition of the potion. The experience was maximised for both web and mobile allowing people to access it through multiple devices. Many venues provided free access to the experience via ipads during the Roald Dahl on Film season.

Through this method, Film Hub Wales were able to build a UK wide picture about the impact of the season both quantitively and qualitatively providing them with key data that could be used to inform programming for future seasons.