Client Work


Reinterpreting content for heritage sites for new audiences.

A project that is currently in development and is a collaboration between National Museum Wales, Jenny Kidd from Cardiff University and writer Sara Lewis.

Traces is not an audio guide. Nor is it a tourist guide. It is a companion telling you a story that reveals fragmented moments of intertwining fact and fiction inspired by St Fagans; the space, it’s stories and archives. It is for the curious. For the seekers of mystery. And for those who are willing to get lost in the traces of a story. 

Traces is a site specific storytelling audio app that is designed as a single experience or an experience that could be shared with a partner. Split into chapters, participants are taken on a journey around the site framing the space in a new way through narrative and composition. This is not a factual audio guide, it is an artistic narrative interpretation designed for people to experience St Fagans in a new way. Traces will be available to download from the ITunes Store and GooglePlay in April 2017.

Traces Testing