Client Work


Providing Production Consultation for Artistic Projects.

yello brick was brought on board to provide expertise and support in producing a new type of music event that was  part multimedia, part site-specific installation, part immersive experience.

UnEase was produced by yello brick’s Producer Alison John, BAFTA award winning composer Tom Raybould, theatre maker Gerald Tyler, video artist John Collingswood and Sinfonia Cymru, Wales’ leading chamber orchestra. yello brick’s main role was to help the artists realise their artist vision and consult on aspects of the creative format and audience experience building on the success of their previous project Unbuttoned (see video). The concept was designed to challenge both performer and audience with an unexpected reversal of roles. The audience, rather than the musicians controlled the performance, at first unwittingly but gradually consciously and boldly.

The production took place in an old antiques market in Cardiff which had several rooms that the audience could explore. Through the use of creative technology and composition, the audience could become the composers and conductors of the piece. Some rooms had motion sensors that triggered lights that gave cues to the musicians to play certain parts of a score, other rooms had heat sensors that interacted with projection so that the audience were actively contributing to a live art installation. This piece was not only an exploration into artistic development but creative collaboration.

Read about the experience from a musician’s perspective.