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Storytelling and Games

A fabulous talk from Margaret Robertson on games and storytelling. She explores how stories are told through game and how they can exist beyond the video screen. The possibilities are endless when we look at ‘cross pollinating’ games with the world around us by utilising technological complexity and enhancement. The idea of players becoming collaborators […]

Professional Olympic Hugger

We’ve been avid followers of the Olympics at camp yello.  The staggering talent competing at the games this year has been overwhelming with world records and all time personal bests being achieved by some of the finest athletes that the world has ever seen.  Team GB have done a sterling job achieving gold in multiple categories almost […]

Can’t get enough of those TED talks

We at yello brick just love a good TED talk or two……so we thought we would share our top five TED talk videos with you,  It was going to be three but we couldn’t decide between them – it’s a nice week’s worth of lunch time viewing.  Enjoy. Steve Coulson: From Butlins to Tiki Bars […]

Hello from Yello

We are yello brick and we are inspired by story, we love games, we enjoy collaboration and most of all we like to build. Whilst we wait for our magic elves to craft our new website we thought we’d start our blog to share what we’ve done, what we are doing and what we want […]

yello vimeo!

We have a little vimeo account going on, with samples of some of the work we have done. You should totally check it out… heres a little taster. Everwake from yellobrick on Vimeo.