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Traces Olion

Get lost in the traces of a story at St Fagans Traces is not an audio guide. Nor is it a tourist guide. It is a companion telling you a story that reveals fragmented moments of intertwining fact and fiction inspired by St Fagans; the space, it’s stories and archives. It is for the curious. […]

playARK 2013

playARK is an annual two day festival that takes place in Cardiff. It explores playful approaches to learning, living and working now and in the future. The talks feature interesting playful projects (both physical and digital) taking place in the UK and beyond. We are interested in hearing about practices that subvert the norm in […]

Connected Stories Course

Connected Stories 1st April – 3rd April 2014 Working in partnership with Creative Skillset, thinkARK, Hoffi, Cyfle, PlayThisNext, Winged Monkeys we are running a course that explores how stories can be told and connected through multiple media. Connected Stories is a three day workshop event that will be an opportunity for individuals from different disciplines and […]

Winning The Story Wars: Jonah Sachs

Great stories can make great changes. Jonah Sachs is a storyteller, author, designer and entrepreneur and is the co-founder and creative director of Free Range Media. Winning the Story Wars is an interesting book by Sachs and includes insights from neuroscience, comparative mythology, advertising history and psychology.  It offers three simple tools any brand can use to break […]

Storytelling and Games

A fabulous talk from Margaret Robertson on games and storytelling. She explores how stories are told through game and how they can exist beyond the video screen. The possibilities are endless when we look at ‘cross pollinating’ games with the world around us by utilising technological complexity and enhancement. The idea of players becoming collaborators […]