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    We create events that intertwine narrative and brand into exciting and playful experiences.

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    “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation”. – Plato

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We are a creative marketing agency that builds engaging and participatory experiences for brands and organisations.

We do this through storytelling and by creating happenstance.

We develop stories that create new realities in our everyday spaces, that ignite the imagination and stimulate conversations and connections.

These unique immersive experiences are created by utilising digital, theatrical and art based forms.

What it means?

What it means?

We are inspired by story, we enjoy collaboration and most of all we like to build.

Our approach is centred around the audience. We allow interaction by creating content that enables participation through direct experiences and social sharing.

Our cross media campaigns are shared through multiple channels that include social media, digital platforms and physical experiences. This collection of small encounters contribute to an overall story which is what ultimately makes brands more meaningful and accessible.

We manage the process from beginning to end, outlining clear goals and realistic outcomes. We are adaptive to the changing market and always enjoy a challenge.

Who we are?

Alison is the producer at yello brick. Most recently she has been responsible for producing BORDERGAME for National Theatre Wales.

Over the last few years other highlights have been producing our BAFTA Games Commended multiplatform game REVERIE and Google’s ‘Getting Welsh Business Online’ campaign in Wales’ capital Cardiff, where she was responsible for curation of content, creative and logistics for the project. She has produced yello brick’s client based work alongside the company’s self-produced work which includes everwake, #EYESPY, playARK games festival and Jokul Frosti. Alison has a background in theatre and after a period of working in the industry she moved into event management and producing and honed her skills with a variety of companies.

Julian is the creative director at yello brick. Co-founder of the award winning brand strategy company, Hoffi (which he still is a director). Julian regularly talks on branding and brand as experience.

He is also co-creator of thinkARK a social design volunteer group which develop events and projects to highlight issues within society. More recently he has created a series of pervasive games with long time collaborator Alison John (producer of yello brick), which have gained recognition for their strength of narrative and immersive nature.


Glesni Price-Jones



As Head of Production, Glesni oversees delivery of all the studio’s projects, organising people’s time and helping the team manage multiple different work streams at once.

For the last five years Glesni has helped run and manage a number of the most respected theatre pieces in Wales. She is an accomplished Stage Manager having worked with National Theatre Wales on Boardergame, Waking Exploits on Pornography and Crazy Gary’s Mobile Disco, Theatre Genedlaethol’s Y Storm and Sherman Cymru on numerous projects including Maudies Rooms and Trwy’r Dinas Hon. Work to date with Yellobrick has included acting as Stage Manager on Everwake, Reverie and Silent State.

Bobbi is Head of Wellbeing and since joining yello brick in May 2015 Bobbi has been implementing a new regime of meditation and hula hooping exercise classes.

With a degree in Human Wellbeing from the University of Woofhousen in Denmark, Bobbi is a world leading expert in analysing human behaviour and uses this expertise to focus attention by barking, whining and licking co-workers faces. She’s looking forward to meeting you soon!

Case Studies

We are proud of the work we do. Take a look through our case studies and get in touch to see how we can extend your story through multiple platforms.


A collection of our thoughts and project developments.

With New Eyes I See – New Project Announced

In 2013/14 Cardiff University entered into a partnership with creative marketing firm yello brick to build an immersive itinerant documentary experience called With New Eyes I See (http://www.react-hub.org.uk/with-new-eyes). The project was funded by REACT, and supported by Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales. With New Eyes I See sought to identify new ways of communicating [...]

BBC Connected Studio

At the end of May yello brick were selected to take part in a BBC Connected Studio to spend two days to create an idea for a digital pilot to accompany the next series of Hinterland on the BBC Taster Website. http://www.bbc.co.uk/taster/ The event was held in Cardiff Bay and it was a great two [...]

NESTA R&D Digital Fund for the Arts

Are archives inspirational? Over the past few months we have been working on an Arts Archive and Technology project for NESTA with The National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth. The project aims to utilise their digitised archives in new and exciting ways. http://artsdigitalrnd.org.uk/projects/yello-brick-2/   We are working with artist Jorge Lizalde to tackle these questions [...]

playARK 2013

playARK is an annual two day festival that takes place in Cardiff. It explores playful approaches to learning, living and working now and in the future. The talks feature interesting playful projects (both physical and digital) taking place in the UK and beyond. We are interested in hearing about practices that subvert the norm in [...]

Connected Stories Course

Connected Stories 1st April – 3rd April 2014 Working in partnership with Creative Skillset, thinkARK, Hoffi, Cyfle, PlayThisNext, Winged Monkeys we are running a course that explores how stories can be told and connected through multiple media. Connected Stories is a three day workshop event that will be an opportunity for individuals from different disciplines and [...]

Winning The Story Wars: Jonah Sachs

Great stories can make great changes. Jonah Sachs is a storyteller, author, designer and entrepreneur and is the co-founder and creative director of Free Range Media. Winning the Story Wars is an interesting book by Sachs and includes insights from neuroscience, comparative mythology, advertising history and psychology.  It offers three simple tools any brand can use to break [...]

Plato and storytelling

Announcing the play:DO Hack Weekers

We wanted to do something extra for playARK Festival and Talks 2013, so we decided that this year we would run a hack week that would bring together nine individuals from different disciplines to develop unique ideas that explore the theme of RECLAIMED. In conjunction with thinkARK, the aim of play:DO Hack week is to create [...]

Why playARK Talks?

The playARK talks day was something we set up two years ago to bring a number of themes to a variety of audiences. The major themes centring around the playARK are story, game and play. At first the question you generally get is: What has that got to do with me? Well the answer is [...]

I Am Tudor – Are You?

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks for us here at yello brick HQ. Yesterday saw the launch of I Am Tudor, an interactive digital experience created for Welsh National Opera’s Tudor Season. The aim of the commission is to attract and engage new younger audiences to the company and it’s productions. The Tudor Season [...]

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