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    We create digital and physical events that intertwine narrative and brand into exciting and playful experiences.

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Case Studies

We are proud of the work we do. Take a look through our case studies and get in touch to see how we can extend your story through multiple platforms.

Not only do we create experiences that connect to audiences but we also help organisations and communities discover their stories and creativity through interactive workshops that utilise play, game, digital, theatrical and art based forms.
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We are a creative marketing agency that builds engaging and participatory experiences for brands and organisations.

Our work is playful, curious, challenging and disruptive.

If you’re brave enough we can help your company change the way it connects with audiences on the deepest level. We take inspiration from the stories you have to tell and create tailor made experiences that take your audiences on a journey, placing them at the centre of the story.


So what does that actually mean?

What it means?

We will push your boundaries. What we make could be digital, playful, theatrical or social. In the past we’ve made an epic urban adventure game in the streets of Cardiff, a site specific storytelling app for cycle routes in Wales and an online interactive event for new opera audiences.

We might make something you’d never imagined, from interactive events to digital projects, these experiences can change the perception of your brand and generate long lasting interest and discussion enabling you to engage new followers. Alongside our client work, we create our artistic work that allows us to develop and grow as a company and informs our future projects.

So far we have worked with Welsh National Opera, Sustrans Cymru, National Library of Wales, Sinfonia Cymru, Cardiff University, National Museum of Wales, TaikaBox, Design Commission for Wales, The Welsh Language Commission and National Theatre Wales.

Who we are

Alison is the Creative Producer at yello brick and co-founded the company in 2012.

Over the last few years Alison has produced yello brick’s client based work alongside the company’s self-produced work including our BAFTA Games Commended multiplatform game REVERIE. Alison has a background in theatre and after a period of working in the industry she moved into event management and producing and honed her skills with a variety of companies. She is recognised as one of a cohort of digital producers practicing in Wales by Watershed, National Theatre Wales and Arts Council of Wales.

Julian is the Creative Director at yello brick. Co-founder of the award winning brand strategy company, Hoffi (which he still is a director). Julian regularly talks on branding and brand as experience.

He works across a diverse range of projects from Branding to Digital Experiences to Social Design and Games. He believes that design can be a transformative tool in developing social change. In 2009 he co-founded thinkARK which has subsequently become a social enterprise to increase awareness of social design in
Wales. More recently he has created a series of pervasive games with long time collaborator Alison John, which have gained recognition for their strength of narrative and immersive nature.

Shane Nickels


Shane Nickels is Creative Grafter at yello brick and works on multiple projects in a variety of different roles. He basically gets stuff done!

Shane has experience in producing work across theatre, live games and experiences.  He has a passion for the creative process, challenging the accepted norm and creating opportunities that ensure the arts is for everybody. Shane thrives in projects with a powerful voice and innovative vision and collaborating with artists and organisations who enjoy doing things differently.  He is a member of Cardiff’s Queer Artist Collective and in the past has collaborated with many companies in Wales including Dirty Protest, August012, National Theatre Wales, Fio, The Other Room, University of Wales Trinity Saint David as well as co-producing BAFTA Cymru winning film Dancing in Circles.


Bobbi is Head of Wellbeing and since joining yello brick in May 2015 Bobbi has been implementing a new regime of meditation and hula hooping exercise classes.

With a degree in Human Wellbeing from the University of Woofhousen in Denmark, Bobbi is a world leading expert in analysing human behaviour and uses this expertise to focus attention by barking, whining and licking co-workers faces. She’s looking forward to meeting you soon!

yello brick Associate


Introducing yello brick Associates

We have a wide network of artists and practitioners that we work with from time to time who specialise in particular areas, allowing us to deliver specialised elements for our projects. We’d like to introduce you to our extended team of creative associates who we work with on a regular basis.

yello brick Associate


Hoffi – Technical Associate

Hoffi are yello brick’s preferred creative technology partner and have worked on numerous projects in the past. As well as sharing a director (Julian Sykes), the two companies share an office, known as the Hoffice, in Cardiff Bay. Partnership projects have included I Am Tudor, Celtic Tales and Reverie.

yello brick Associate


Sara Lewis
Associate Writer

Sara is a bilingual writer and director who is currently working with us on an audio experience called Traces that we are producing for the National Museum of Wales’ heritage site St Fagans. Sara has vast experience as a writer and has written for theatre, film and television. In 2013 she won the Arts and Business Cymru Award for ‘A Breath of Fresh Air/ Bach o Awyr Iach’, which she wrote and directed during her time as Creative Associate at Theatr na nÓg. Sara is also a Creative Practitioner for the Arts Council of Wales Lead Creative Schools Programme which is a creative development programme for Primary and Secondary Schools in Wales.


A collection of our thoughts and project developments.

Digital Located Residency Blog #4 – The Mystery Box

During my research on the subject of boxes, I revisited a TED talk given by JJ Abrams back in 2007 called ‘The Mystery Box’. This talk was during the period of time that Lost was in its fourth series and the secret of the island still remained a mystery. In the opening part of his talk, […]

Digital Located Residency Blog #2 – Why the box?

I used to love watching films when I was a kid. Jumanji, The NeverEnding Story, Flight of the Navigator and Goonies were amongst my favourite films that I had recorded on VHS and watched over and over again. It has occurred to me that all of the stories were all about opening something (a game, […]

Digital Located Residency Blog #1 -‘The beginning is the most important part of the work’.

    I’m about to embark on a research and development project that is part of National Theatre Wales’ Digital Located Residency Programme. The idea for the project has been hanging out in the back of my mind for some time, occasionally popping up every now and then to say hello only to return to […]

Calling Writers, Dramaturges, Narrative Builders and Story Architects

Hey Creatives! yello brick are seeking new collaborators to work with on a range of upcoming projects and future endeavours. We are looking for writers, dramaturges, story architects and world builders. Creatives excited by constructing detailed narrative worlds with us for a range of audiences to explore. We are seeking professionals comfortable with the unknown […]


Who are we? yello brick are a creative marketing agency who make playful physical and digital events. We work with clients to actively engage with audiences through these experiences and we also create our own self produced events that include playARK. We are collecting your data to keep you informed about the projects that we […]

Traces Olion

Get lost in the traces of a story at St Fagans Traces is not an audio guide. Nor is it a tourist guide. It is a companion telling you a story that reveals fragmented moments of intertwining fact and fiction inspired by St Fagans; the space, it’s stories and archives. It is for the curious. […]

BAFTA Cymru Games Commendation

In 2014, yello brick were awarded a BAFTA Cymru Games Commendation for Technical Achievement for multiplatform experience Reverie. Reverie was a pervasive street game which is a new type of event that mixes game, theatre and technology to create a unique experience for participants. Through multiplatform storytelling devices, audiences could experience the narrative through digital and physical channels. […]

Guest Blog – UCAN Create Masterclass 5 – Splash & Ripple

Read our final guest blog from Megan John and Mared Jarman (@blindnotbored) of UCAN Productions on our UCAN Create collaborative project. Find out more about UCAN Create in our Case Studies Section.  So here we are at the final UCAN Create Masterclass!  Masterclass 5 was all about audio, storytelling and immersion!  This wonderful workshop was run by Rosie […]

Guest Blog – UCAN Create Session 4 – Anagram

Read our fouth guest blog from Megan John and Mared Jarman (@blindnotbored) of UCAN Productions on our UCAN Create collaborative project. Find out more about UCAN Create in our Case Studies Section.  Our most recent UCAN Create Masterclass was on the 11th of March at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama with Amy, from award winning […]

Guest Blog UCAN CREATE – Session 3 – Odette Toilette

Read our third guest blog from Megan John and Mared Jarman (@blindnotbored) of UCAN Productions on our UCAN Create collaborative project. Find out more about UCAN Create in our Case Studies Section.  Our third masterclass (which was in February) transported the project to a whole new level.  Ucan Create is all about creating, producing and showcasing your own […]

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